5 Steps To Make False Eyelashes Look Natural

Having long and populated eyelashes is the dream of every woman, as they are an essential element to give expressiveness to the look and False Eyelashes Look Natural, therefore, to the face.

Some owners of the cosmetics industries have created resources to make life a bit easier for women; in this case, I am talking about false eyelashes.

Every day more women dare to use these tools to give a better look to their eyes.

If you are one of those who want to try this new form, here are some keys to put on your false eyelashes yourself and, at the same time, they look natural. Yes, natural!

False eyelashes complement the make-up making it truly perfect. However, not many women know how to hide them, so they don’t look fake. Naturalness makes us look much more beautiful and authentic.

This consists of creating a line of tabs with the eyeliner. To achieve this, I advise you to choose an eyeliner that is waterproof and, at the same time, has the same color as your skin or is black.

To create the illusion of great eyelashes, you will have to create a thin line near your eyelash line, but you must make sure that the tip of the pencil is flat, thus creating the illusion that the eyelash line is thicker than It is really.

Here Are the Steps for False Eyelashes Look Natural:

1. First, you must curl your natural eyelashes so that a small curve is formed and can be concealed with the false extensions. With your fingers or tweezers, take a tab from the wrapper.

2. The end of the extension is the one that should go with glue, so, carefully, you should put the rubber on the tip. With a clamp, you can specify better, so I recommend that you use it.

3. Then, start placing them from the outside of the eye, combining the natural with the synthetic. Once done, let it dry for several seconds. Remember that if they are not aligned, you should do it so that they match the natural ones.

4. Continue placing the individual tabs so that you fill the eyelid as you can.

5. One tip is that after the glue has dried, apply the mascara again so that the false and natural eyelashes are oriented the same.

That’s why there are countless treatments and masks of eyelashes to achieve it. Still, when we talk about millennial women (who do so many things at the same time that they don’t have time for anything else), their favorite is to wear false eyelashes, for the simple reason that they wake up. They are already fixed ! but how do you make them not fall and do not look as if you had done it in the first aesthetic you found?

Do Not Apply More Than Two Layers of Mascara

since doing so not only runs the risk of looking fake but that you have a lot of lumps that will cost you work to remove. On the other hand, once you put on that layer, take a special brush for this part, and remove the excesses. If you want to emphasize a night look, what you can do is that once you put on your mascara and discard the lumps, retake the curling iron to raise them a little more.

As they are?

Mink eyelashes, an alternative to show an impact look. Image from: Univision Mink eyelashes, an option to show an impact look. The Mink’s eyelashes are extensions of tabs; these are placed one by one with a unique adhesive to your natural eyelash, thickness, and length of each check you set may vary according to the effect that seeks either to tears or round eye.

The placement of the eyelash extensions can take between an hour and a half to approximately two.

Anyone can use this technique to improve their look. However, you must turn to a specialist since if you do it yourself. You probably will not get the expected result.

Also, if the adhesive you use is of poor quality can damage your eyelashes. A professional will know how to place the exact amount and the correct application for a fascinating result.


There is no application limit; you can apply for the eyelash extension as many times as you want even for years.  Without damaging your natural eyelashes, eye or eyelid, it is a very delicate process with your skin.

The indications of care are almost nil; you can lead a healthy life; they will even remain perfect even when you are in contact with salty or chlorinated waters.

The application is simple, and although it is a complicated process, there is no difficulty impeding the placement. Nor should you feel pain, burning, or itching.

Avoid high temperatures such as sauna baths, facial vapors, among others. Mink eyelashes are a trend that more women join every day, however, before entering it, you must go to a safe place, where they specialize in it or have the certainty that you are not the first customer.

Get the Eyelashes and Curling Iron and False Eyelashes Look Natural

Once you already have your eyelashes in your beauty kit, to start taking them out of their container very carefully. You can help them with an eyebrow clip; if at the time of taking them they lose part of the curvature. Round them by gently pressing them with the yolk of the fingers If you like to use the eyelash curler to lift them. Then this is the ideal time, lift your eyelashes so that they can fit well with the false eyelashes.

Carefully place the false eyelashes over the natural ones. So that you can check how they fit in size and if it is necessary to trim them a little. You should keep in mind that the shorter lashes go in the area of ​​the tear and that the eyelashes Longer should match the end of the eye. Everything that protrudes from the natural line of your eyelashes, you must trim it with a scissor and if you want to make your Hairs Beauty check out that too.

The hard part comes, place the strip of eyelashes by first adjusting the center part and then head towards the ends. If it becomes easier for you. You can rest the eyelash strip on your natural eyelashes until you manage to accommodate them. Try to stick as much as you can to the natural line of your eyelashes because if you leave the hairpiece too high. It will be too apparent that they are false. In the same way, leave a few millimeters that distances you from the tear so that the hairpiece does not bother you. When you open and close your eye. Once you manage to place them in the proper position, lift the false eyelashes slightly with gentle movements of the fingers so that they open over the eye.

It would help if you also kept in mind that you will find several length options on the market, advise yourself to find the most suitable for your eyes, and have, in effect, long and natural eyelashes.

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