Does Lying Down Make IBS Worse?

What side should you sleep on with IBS?

Sleep on Your Left Side That’s correct – the small intestine moves waste to your right side to make its way to the large intestine and then to the lower colon on the left side.

This increases the likelihood of having your bowel movement first thing in the morning..

How can I sleep comfortably with IBS?

How to improve sleephaving a period of time of relaxation before going to bed;keeping a specific wake up time even if you did not sleep well during the night;not staying in bed for more than 20 minutes without sleeping (get up and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy again);More items…•

Can IBS keep you awake at night?

They found that people with IBS were more likely to report poor sleep, and also wake more frequently during the night. Sleep disruption, the study concluded, was found to aggravate both GI (such as abdominal pain) and non-GI symptoms (such as joint pain and headaches) of IBS.

Does lying down make bloating worse?

If you are lying flat, the air tends to pass downwards causing gas in the stomach. This can result in bloating after eating and a hard, swollen tummy.