Question: Is Dabur Honey Pure?

Which brands of honey are pure?

Top 10 Best Brands of Honey in India 2020Hitkari Honey.

Hitkari honey is one of the most trusted brands of honey in India.

Dabur Honey.

Beez Honey.

Little Bee Organic Honey.

Apis Himalaya Honey.

Dyu Honey.

Zandu Pure Honey.

24 Mantra Honey.More items…•.

Is Dabur Honey healthy?

No wonder, it’s called a superfood. Honey is also the only food eaten by humans that is produced by insects. Honey contains vitamins and antioxidants which are vital for a healthy body. It is also the only food that contains ‘pinocembrin’, a unique antioxidant believed to improve brain functioning.

Is Patanjali honey fake?

A report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) claims that most big Indian brands, including Dabur, Patanjali and Emami, are selling adulterated honey . And that these brands failed an adulteration test carried out by a foreign laboratory.

Which honey is best?

Top 10 Honeys in the WorldSourwood Honey. When it comes to Pure, Raw Honey, no honey is more classic than Sourwood Honey.Leatherwood Honey. … Tupelo Honey. … Manuka Honey. … Acacia Honey. … Smokin’ Hot Honey. … Sage Honey. … Buckwheat Honey. … More items…•

Does Dabur Honey contain sugar?

Our tests revealed Dabur Honey does not contain added sugar while theirs showed that it does.

Is Dabur Honey authentic?

“Dabur is the only company in India to have an NMR testing equipment in our own laboratory, and the same is used to regularly test our honey being sold in the Indian market. This is to ensure that Dabur Honey is 100% pure without any adulteration,” the accompanying statement noted.