What Is The Best Fat For Making Pastry?

What is the best fat for making shortcrust pastry?

Many recipes use a 50:50 split of butter and lard, as lard improves the texture of the pastry, though the flavour won’t be quite as rich and buttery.

Another option is to use vegetable shortening, which means that the pastry is also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets..

What fats can be used to make pastry?

Pastry chefs use various types of fats, like vegetable shortening, butter, or lard. Though they are all are fats, they have major differences. Vegetable shortening, such as Crisco®, is a blend of partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and soybean oil.

What kind of lard is used for pastry?

Finally, as is the case for incorporating lard into any kind of baked or fried pastry, leaf lard is the type of pig fat you want to use.

Which butter is best for pastry?

Always try to use organic unsalted butter and avoid margarines – butter is king for flavour and colour – and only ever use unbleached good-quality flour.

Do you put egg in shortcrust pastry?

Method In a food processor or a large bowl, mix the flour with the salt and butter. Blend until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs and there are no chunks of butter left. Add the egg yolk and just enough water to make a non-sticky dough. Wrap and refrigerate if you have time or use immediately.

What makes the best shortcrust pastry?

The perfect pastry is soft and ‘short’, or crumbly. Make sure all your ingredients are cold before you begin. This will help keep the pastry light and crumbly. When rolling out pastry, use a minimal amount of flour, as too much flour can dry the pastry out and toughen it.