Why You Need to Take Care of Your Skin

The Skin Is Also an Organ, Specifically, the Largest in Your Body. Also, It Is the Only One That Is in Direct Contact with the Outside Continuously. It Protects Us from the External Environment, from the Air, from the Climatic Changes, from the Microorganisms and Is Impermeable, So That It Does Not Let Anything Enter the Interior,and Care of Your Skin.

It Turns Out That Testosterone Levelsthey Also Influence the Establishment of Our Skin. Therefore, Men Need a Greater Degreasing Than Women, and We Cannot Use the Same Products.

This Is Not a Problem, Since Today We Find Different Brands for Male Cosmetics or Even, Specific Lines for Them from Other Cosmetic Firms as Always,to Achieve This and Carry Out Proper Care, the Following.

Steps Must Be Followed Through Specific Products of Male Cosmetics:

  1. After the Morning Cleaning and Shaving an Antioxidant Serum Should Be Applied to the Face.
  2. On the Other Hand, at Night, the Serum or Serum Should Be Exfoliating, and Retexturizing So That the Skin Regains Its Moisture.
  3. To Reduce the Signs of Fundamental Aging Is the Eye Contour with Retinol.
  4. In Summer, a Sunscreen with an Spf of 50 Should Be Applied Regularly. This Will Be the Best Antiaging Treatment for Beauty Men.
  5. Botox Injections Every Three to Four Months to Soften the Expression Lines of the Eyes, Forehead, and So-Called Crow’s Feet.

It Can Bristle, Blister, Tingle, Itch, Hurt, Sweat, Stretch, Shrink, Bleed, and Blush. The Skin Contributes to the production of Vitamin D, Vital for the Health of Bones and Joints. Control Body Temperature. It Can Show Emotions, Is a Source of Social and Sexual Attraction and Denotes Racial Origin. “The Skin of an Average Adult Covers Almost Two Square Meters and Weighs More Than Two and a Half Kilos”

Why Does Skin Color Vary and why Care of Your Skin?

The Amount and Distribution of the Dark Pigment (Melanin) Determine the Color of the Skin and Its Variations Reflect the Body’s Adaptation to Different Environments.

Black Skin, for Example, Helps Protect Against Sunburn. Scandinavians Have Pale Skin to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiencies in an Environment Where Sunlight Is Reduced.9

Although the Skin Has an Incredible Ability to Maintain Itself, Resist the Sun, Wind, Water, and Many Types of Bad Practices Such as Tattoos or Excessive Hygiene, It Is Prey to Many Disorders, Infections, and Diseases.

It Protects Us from External Agents: Cold, Heat, Air, Bacteria the Skin Acts as a Shield, Protecting Internal Organs.
It Repairs and Lubricates Itself: the Skin Regenerates Daily, Producing Dead Cells That Must Be Removed for Proper Condition. So If You Do Not Receive the Care You Need, You Will Not Be Able to Perform Your Repair Function Correctly.

Proper Skin Care Is Vital If You Worry About Your Physical Appearance. Sick Skin Tends to Look Pale and Dull, While Healthy Skin Seems Full and Vigorous. Wrinkles Develop More Easily and Are Deeper If Your Skin Is Dehydrated and Unhealthy, and Can Cause Irregular Spots of Mottled Color. When the Skin Is Sick, It Loses Elasticity, Which Can Cause It to Give in and Appear Thin.

It Is a Perfect Indicator of Health, Both Physical and Mental. Through Its Remarkable Changes, the Skin Warns Us That Something Is Happening to Our Body. It Warns Us of External Diseases, Referring to the State of the Skin, but Also Warns of Possible Internal Diseases.

Due to Its Millions of Tactile Receptors and Nerve Endings, the Skin Has the Property of Bristling, Tingling, Itching, Stretching, Shrinking, Hurting, Blushing That Is, the Skin Can Show Emotions.

Eye Contour

It Is an Area with Much More Sensitive, Fine and Delicate Skin, So You Need Care with Specific Products. You Should Apply Them Twice a Day, to Soft Touches with Your Fingers Above the Orbital Bone.


The Masks Should Be Used Once or Twice a Week, Preferably After Exfoliation. With Them, You Give Your Skin an Intensive Care of Deep Action According to Your Needs or Concerns. They Can Be Cleansing, Moisturizing, Firming, Exfoliating, Illuminating, Depigmenting, Soothing, Etc

In the Shower!

For the Skin, the Shower Is Better Than the Bathroom, Which Tends to Dehydrate the Skin. Please make Sure the Water Is Warm Better Than Hot. for Bath Lovers, It’s Okay to Take a Bath from Time to Time. However, Don’t Be in the Water for a Long Time!

Drink a Lot of Water

To Have Beautiful Skin, the Body Needs Sufficient Amounts of Fluid. Make Sure You Drink Enough Water, Eg. Approximately 8 Glasses a Day. a Glass of Water When You Wake Up, a Tea for Breakfast, Mineral Water Throughout the Day, Herbal Tea at Night this Way You Can Fulfill All the Daily Duties!

Sleep the Beauty Hours

If You Get Enough Sleep, Your Skin Will Be Radiantly Healthy! Your Body Needs an Amount of Sleep to Be Healthy: 7, 8, 9 Hours in Fact, the Need for Sleep Is Genetically Marked.

The Most Frequent Skin Problems Are When You don’t Care of Your Skin:

  • Viral Infections
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Fungal Infections
  • Skin Cancer
  • Urticaria
  • Alopecia
  • Moles

Proper Skin Care Means Cleaning It Properly. The Skin Needs Moisture to Survive, So Avoid Using Hot Water When You Wash Your Face Since Heat Absorbs Moisture from Your Skin. Also, Avoid Abrasive or Heavy Chemical Soaps, Since They Deprive You of the Moisture in Your Skin While They Contaminate It. Keep the Skin Hydrated by Applying Lotion Within a Few Minutes of Bathing. If You Have a Problem with Dry Skin, Use an Oil-Based Lotion in the Problem Area Several Times a Day.

Proper Skin Care Is Important for Health and Appearance During Pregnancy. Sick Skin Can Cause a Sick Body, Which In Turn Can Lead to a Sick Baby. Healthy Skin Is More Flexible, and Will Minimize Stretch Marks That Usually Appear in the Latter Stages of Pregnancy. Read out the Stylish Haircuts for women.

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